Facilities & Laboratory Equipment

Charles Lewis Beach Hall

The Stable Isotope and Organic Molecular Biogeochemistry Laboratory is located in Beach Hall and is home to a diverse array of analytical equipment used to characterize the distribution and abundance of organic molecules in modern and ancient natural systems, and measure the stable isotopic composition of organic and inorganic materials such as water, organic biomarkers, clay minerals, volcanic glass and soils.


The laboratory was renovated in 2019 and consists of facilities for organic biomarker extraction, separation and cleanup, characterization and quantification, cold room storage facilities, stable isotopic measurements, and office space for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and visiting scientists. (For pictures of the move to our new facility click here)


Stable Isotope Analyses 


MAT 253 and GC Isolink II

The Stable Isotope Laboratory in Beach Hall is directed, managed and operated by M. Hren and students and is designed for the measurement of the stable C, H, N, O and S isotopic composition of organic molecular biomarkers, sediment, organic matters, water, and minerals. The lab houses two MAT 253 Gas Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers coupled to a Thermo GC Isolink II, a Thermo Trace GC Isolink II, a Costech Elemental Analyzer (EA) and a Thermo Scientific Thermal Conversion Elemental Analyzer.







GC Isolink and Thermo TC/EA Devices
Thermo MAT 253
Costech Elemental Analyzer (EA)










Organic Molecular Biomarkers


Soxhlet Extractors for Sediment Extraction
ASE 300 (Accelerated Solvent Extractor)

Stable Isotope and Organic Molecular Biogeochemistry laboratory is equipped with a range of devices for the extraction, purification and analysis of organic molecular biomarkers. These include a Labconco Freezone Freeze Dryer, a Soxhlet Extraction system, a Dionex (ASE 300) Accelerated Solvent Extractor, Labconco Rapidvap, Thermo Trace GC Ultra fitted with both SSL and PTV inlets and an FID, and a Varian Saturn 2000 GC-MS/MS




Saturn 2000 GC/MS/MS
Trace GC Ultra
Labconco Rapidvap


Sample Storage


The laboratory is equipped with extensive facilities for storing cold or frozen samples in laboratory freezers or our walk-in cold room.